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Reiki Appointments In July

Please see below the appointments I have available for in person and remote Reiki treatments in July:

Thursday 25th July - 11.00am
Saturday 27th July - 11.30am

To book in please call 07736 151716 as soon as possible or email info@justjolie.co.uk. If you would like to book an appointment for another month, pop me a message and I will let you know my availability. I do occasionally get cancellations so if you would like an appointment sooner do message me and I will see what I can do. Thank you

Is Your Sparkle A Bit Dull? Are You Not Shining As Bright As Usual?

Reiki isn’t only for when you feel wobbly and are struggling. Reiki WILL give you energy! Ideas will start flowing, you will be more focussed, feel more positive and your new energy levels will motivate you to look after yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so please contact me to book your appointment - 07736 151716.

Would you like free advice on how you can cope with the ups and downs of life?

Follow my new Instagram account @JustJolie.Reiki where I will be giving advice on how you can cope with life and the challenges you face. Please do message me if you would like more specific advice on info@justjolie.co.uk.

Are you struggling with your mental health at times or all the time? Reiki is a game changer for mental health

Since 2018 I have been treating clients and in that time I have seen such dramatic shifts with each person. That can happen with just one Reiki treatment (although I usually recommend 3 treatments). So why do I believe that Reiki is a game changer for mental heath? Reiki helps you to understand who you really are.
Usually clients have quite a few chakras closed when they have their first treatment, for the next treatment they are a little more open and the next etc. As their chakras open clients begin to feel more like themselves - happier, more energy, less fear and anxiety about life etc. That’s because they are starting to flow as they are supposed to, hence the reason they feel better. Reiki makes perfect sense - if you are closed you won’t feel well, if you aren’t you will. If you struggle with your mental health at times or all the time do book an appointment and let’s get you back to feeling like your healthier self.

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Don’t let stress take over your life!

Are you feeling stressed? Muddled? Do you have little energy for the things you love to do? Reiki will make you feel more together as a person and relaxed in your day-to-day life, so that you can have some control over your emotions and feel happier. Please contact me to book your appointment on 07736 151716.

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Are you lacking energy and feeling fatigued? Let me help you get back on track.

Life is tough, if you are feeling fatigued do contact me. The day to day struggle will be because some chakras have closed and your body is in protection mode, which isn’t healthy. Let me open your chakras, restore your energy and help you to flow again. All clients say their energy levels greatly improve after even one Reiki treatment. To book an appointment please contact me on 07736 151716.

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Let me help you get your anxiety under control

You could be feeling completely fearful or just more jumpy and on edge than usual. When a client has anxiety their root chakra is blocked and they are living in fear. When you have a Reiki treatment I open all your chakras including your root chakra, so that you are flowing again. After Reiki you will feel a lot calmer, relaxed and your sleep will improve. Please contact me to book in.

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Is your life lacking joy? Stuck and feeling that there is no hope?

Many clients come to me feeling depressed, that their life isn't flowing and they can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Even after one Reiki treatment these feelings shift. I usually advise one treatment a week for just three weeks and you will notice the changes in yourself. You will feel a lot stronger, more empowered and able to see some of the reasons you felt the way you did. Do contact me today to book an appointment, so that I can support you through this.

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Are you curious about having Reiki?

When I first heard about Reiki I was skeptical. I didn’t know how spiritual healing worked but I wanted to give it a try and see for myself. I had always been intrigued about healing work. After my first treatment I was blown away, I then knew I wanted to become a spiritual healer. With Reiki I really started to understand my life and myself so much more. I don’t mind when a new client isn’t sure if Reiki will work because I want them to see and experience what I did with an open mind. Reiki changes your life for the better, do get in touch if you want to know more.

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Are you feeling more emotional than you usually are? Has someone upset you?

Has something triggered you? Reiki will balance you. You will then be able to process your emotions and cope. You will start to feel more together as a person when you have Reiki. Message me and let’s get started on your Reiki journey.

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UK Reiki Federation Member

I am a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation, the largest Reiki organisation in the UK. I am qualified to give treatments and teach Reiki up to Master level. I am insured by Balens Ltd.

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Hello I am Jolie

a Reiki master healer and teacher. I am experienced in supporting people who are having difficulties in their life. This can range from lacking energy to trauma and PTSD. Reiki is completely safe for people of all ages and pregnant women. I provide sound advice and support to all my clients so that they can really understand their challenges.

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