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Your Employees Are The Cogs In Your Finely Tuned System, Let's Keep Them Moving.

Jolie has corporate wellbeing experience in a number of challenging industries including: mining, infrastructure, healthcare, motorsport and education. Jolie offers a range of corporate support detailed below. She has a unique, motivational presenting style. Jolie is transparent and her life experience demonstrates the importance of what she delivers. Please contact us to book a meeting, then we can design a bespoke wellbeing programme that suits your employees and business.

Wellbeing Surgeries - a drop in confidential service for staff either am / pm or all day, depending on the size of the business. Employees can discuss any aspects of their wellbeing that they would like to receive advice on.

Wellbeing Employee Assessments -
Lifestyle Assessment
A lifestyle assessment is a 30 minute individual appointment for employees. Employees have their blood pressure taken, weight, waist and hips measured, lung function and they will do a short fitness assessment. This is a great all round assessment for all staff.

Cholesterol Tests
A short 15 minute individual appointment for staff to have their total cholesterol checked. A pin-prick blood test is conducted using a safety needle and a droplet of blood is used to check the total cholesterol level. Info and advice is then given appropriately.

Nutrition Assessments
A nutrition assessment is a 30 minute individual appointment for employees. Their general nutrition and habits are assessed. Goals can then be set so that healthy habits can begin to take shape for sustainable changes.

Wellbeing Team Support - Just Jolie will meet with your individual teams to discuss their wellbeing and set team wellness goals.

Wellbeing Presentations
- Looking after yourself
- Self-love
- Happiness
- The importance of workplace communication
- Resilience
- Exercise and the benefits
- Reiki as a complementary therapy for stress, depression, anxiety and other medical conditions

It is so important to look after the wellbeing of your employees, please contact us for a quote for your business.

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