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Client Testimonials

“I really enjoyed doing my reiki one with Jolie. She’s very caring and a great mentor. We went through the reiki one manual, everything was easy to understand, I felt very relaxed and I learned a lot from the course. It was a very special day that I will never forget. I knew it will be life changing for me, I can’t thank you enough Jolie.”
Lisa T - Rye, East Sussex

"I enjoyed attending my Reiki Level II training and attunement with Jolie this weekend and left feeling positive about my onward path as a complimentary therapist. Jolie is professional, encouraging, supportive and nurturing. The day was mapped out well, with breaks in the right places and was stimulating and fun. She provides helpful information to take away that supports the day's training as well as for the days and weeks ahead. Jolie has always offered me support as I learn and grow as a Reiki student, which continues into my practitionership. All in all, a really lovely experience that I would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you!"
Sam R - East Sussex

"Jolie is a natural empath, very perceptive, and a talented Reiki practitioner. She is at all times professional and caring, honest and direct in a warm and friendly manner.
I have had Reiki before, although not remotely so I was unsure how it would work and if it would be as effective. I was surprised when the session began that my feet began to tingle. The sensation spread up my legs and through the rest of my body, like small pulses or waves. I felt very relaxed and calm afterwards and had an amazing nights sleep!
Jolie followed up with me the next day to check in how I felt after the treatment and we discussed what my experience was, and what she felt from me too.
If you are looking for a 5 star Reiki treatment, you couldn't be in safer hands than Jolie's."
Izzy Holloway - Surrey

"Since my remote Reiki treatment with Jolie my working week has been truly stressful. However although I have felt that it was all too much, I feel the Reiki has settled me enough to survive it all and still relax and sleep well. My aches and pains have been variable but they seem to be mending, another benefit of the treatment"
Mary D - Surrey

"Jolie provided some beneficial Reiki remotely to a friend and so I decided to do my Reiki level 1 with her. It was a lovely introduction to Reiki. Since then Jolie has continued to be kind, supportive and encouraging.
Sam R - East Sussex

“I had previously had a couple of “hands on” Reiki treatments which I found particularly helpful in grounding me when I was going through a particularly emotional period after losing a loved one. When it was suggested that I try remote reiki, during the lockdown, I was very sceptical. However after the treatment I found the same benefits- I felt calm and relaxed, my sleep pattern improved greatly and my mind was completely settled.”
Margaret W - Hastings, East Sussex

"I highly recommend Jolie & her Reiki treatments. I was sceptical before I experienced the power of Reiki for myself, however since having treatments with Jolie I am now a firm believer. Jolie's Reiki treatments have helped me immensely, she truly has healing hands."
Julie W - Hastings, East Sussex

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